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Adam Tech is heavily invested in new product development targeted at a wide range of industries covering many applications. Please search through our industries highlights to learn more about the custom industry solutions we've created.

Custom Design and Engineering Solutions

Adam Tech can provide custom solutions from concept through production. Adam Tech utilizes over 35 years of experience to create high-quality and reliable Application-Specific Component Solutions.

Please send us your requirements and let our experienced team of design engineers provide solutions for you. We offer a 'complete capability' service, including in-house engineering, component manufacturing, assembly & technical sales support.

  • Creating New Parts or Modifying Existing Ones

    Have an entirely new part you want to design from scratch? No problem! Adam Tech's design engineers will work with you on your basic idea or requirement set to develop a preliminary design.

    See a product you like that you want you modified? No problem! Let us know where we're starting, and we'll work with you to adjust as needed per your application requirements.

  • Collaborative Design Process

    We will work with you hand in glove to consolidate your product and application requirements and turn them into a finished custom connector or cable design in 2D and 3D formats.

  • Tooling Creation

    Once a design is finalized, Adam Tech will build applicable tooling such as molds, dies, and assembly machines in house.

  • Samples

    After tooling completion, we provide you with the first article samples fresh off our assembly process. A final project review will take place at this time.

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Electromechanical, Custom Component & Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Over 35 years of Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Comprehensive Offering constitute our business model and each product is manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Refer to our Factory page for some manufacturing highlights.

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